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Objects are also an integral part of JavaScript that you will probably find yourself using everyday. They are very useful for storing keyed pices of data or organizing data in a more structured way then an array would allow by itself.

An object is a collection of keyed data and that data can include arrays or other objects as well. In JavaScript it is designated by the use of curly brackets ( { } ).

example of a simple object

let exampleObject = { "keyname" : "sometext" };

example of an array of objects:

let exampleArray = [
  { "id": "123", "myText" : "Hello there" },
  { "id": "124", "myText" : "What is up today" },
  { "id": "125", "myText" : "Blue" },

in the above example there are three array elements of object where the objects are defined within curly brackets ({})

The looping mechanism for in is provided for looping over an object.