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Array Methods

The array methods that I find most useful are methods that do not mutate the array, meaning that instead of changing the array I pass to it return a subset or changed array as a new array. A full list of array methods can be found on the Mozzila JavaScript reference site.

find( function ) -- returns the first element in an array that passes the test. If no results then undefined is returned.

includes( searchElement ) -- returns boolean of true if searchElement is found anywhere within the array.

findIndex( function ) -- returns the index number of the first element in an array that passes the test. If no resutls then -1 is returned.

map( function ) -- maps the elements of the array through a function returning a new array with the results. This array method is one of the most general and useful array methods I use everyday.

filter( function ) -- returns new array of elements that pass test defined by the function.

reduce( function(accumulator, currentValue, currentIndex) )

isArray( obj ) -- returns a boolean of true if the obj is an array.

every( function ) -- returns a boolean of true if every element passes a test that is defined by the function.

Methods the mutate the array, some caution should be used when using the following.